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Over six years of management in retail banking has provided me the education and industry connections required to help individuals improve their credit. I had the pleasure of serving thousands of hard working people many of whom would have to suffer through the embarrassment and harsh reality of not being qualified to obtain a loan during their time of need. A family looking to purchase their first home or a single mother in need of a car for daily transportation to work and picking her children up from school are just two of the scenarios I would encounter daily, however, no matter the situation the determining factor would be creditworthiness. It is my companies mission to help those single mothers, potential first time home buyers and what we call "good people with bad credit" become more creditworthy. We have leveraged the protection of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute and successfully remove inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete items such as late payments, collections, bankruptcies, judgements and medical bills which has resulted in an increase in the credit score and a decrease in the credit risk tier of individuals, making them more likely to obtain the credit they need at the rates they deserve. 

The Credit Space became independent agents of Financial Education Services in 2017. We started this business due to the overwhelming number of people with less than perfect credit. A majority of which are good people with bad credit, suffering unnecessarily from negative items placed on their report when they were younger and less educated on the importance of credit or in a downtime and suffering through an economic hardship.  An individual with less than perfect credit will spend upwards of $200,000 to $1,000,000 more in interest on loans and other services during their lifetime. The emphasis placed on credit is at an all-time high and the fact that 21% of consumers had verified errors on their credit reports, according to a Federal Trade commisions 8 year study released in 2012, it is important that we stay diligent and exercise our rights against the Credit Reporting Agencies, otherwise that could mean having to pay higher interest rates for things like car loans and insurance or being denied employment and real-estate opportunities.




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Frederick V. Tolbert

From working for a financial institution to starting his own financial services business in 2017, Frederick has represented financial service clients large and small for nearly 7 years. He made the decision to start The Credit Space because of the overwhelming number of people he would encounter on a daily basis who could not obtain loans during their time of need. Good people with bad credit forced to submit themselves to predatory lending institutions and their extremely high interest rates. Frederick has hands-on experience with how less than perfect credit affects consumers and the finance industry. His time in retail banking has provided him the education and industry connections required to help individuals obtain the credit they need at the rates they deserve.



B.S, Finance, 2020

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• :20 Sec Timeout Foundation, Board Member
• Metropolitan Club, Member