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Are you a good person with bad credit?

Don't let less than 32% of people with less than perfect credit determine your creditworthiness! (600 score or less)

If you're a person with less than perfect credit who recently applied for credit or will be applying for credit in the near future there is a 68 percent chance you would pay back the loan in full and on time. Unfortunately, that 32 percent chance of default makes it almost impossible to obtain a loan or get a favorable interest rate. I can almost guarantee there are inaccurate, obsolete and unverifiable items on your credit report bringing down your score. You have the right to have those items removed!

Let's make sure you can obtain the credit you deserve by increasing your credit score to reflect people who are considered low risk. (700 score or higher)

If you're like the 68% of people who pay their bills on time but can't obtain credit due to less than perfect credit, you have options!


Are You A Good Person With A Bad Credit Score? Here's What To Do

If you have a VantageScore of 560, there is a 31.16% chance that you will default. That is considered a bad credit score, and a very high default rate. But…

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