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Why do you dislike networking?

In the book Making Your NetWork by Billy Dexter and Melissa G Wilson the authors touch on the Art and Science of Networking. It's a phenomenal book filled with tons of great information that all young professionals should include in their networking arsenal. 

Here at the Credit Space we aim to provide a platform for anyone looking to give and receive knowledge. Our forum is open for respectable debate and opinion. Are first topic for discussion is Why do you dislike networking? Why? 

We will provide 10 reasons why people dislike networking according to Making Your Network.

  1. It feels Awkward.
  2. Not knowing who to approach
  3. Not knowing what to say 
  4. Fearing Rejection 
  5. Feeling Pressured
  6. Makes you feel like a pest
  7. Having trouble keeping track of contacts
  8. Not always feeling up to it 
  9. Believing that networking is a waste of time 
  10. It makes you feel dirty during and afterwards

Any of these sound like you? If not, why do you dislike networking? How did you overcome your dislike of networking to become a better networker? How has networking helped you professionally or personally? Comment below!

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